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Step 3: Keyword Search

Now you structured your Information. Now you need to put the in information in Keywords and connect them with logical operators.

Step 3.1: Search Words

Always remember to search for synonyms to what you are looking for! So if you want to find cars also check automobiles!

And connect them with OR operator! In the next section you will learn how to use operators!

Step 3.2 Operators

Combine you searches with operators! Use the OR operator for synonyms and the AND operator for different words!

Step 3.3 Neighborhood Operators

Next level Operators!

For even better results you can use neighbourhood operators! Those will find words near to each other!

Step 3.4 Truncation

Truncations can be used to find plurals or other forms of words!

If you want to find heating and heat! You can use heat* to find both of them!

Use Truncation to improve your results!

Step 3.5: Search Area

First you need to decide where to search in patent documents!

Therefore you should start with a fulltext search!

If you have to many results you can narrow it down to the Title, abstract or claims!

Further Resources

A nice reminder on how the keywords search works can be found in the espacenet Pocket guide from the European Patent office.$FILE/new_espacenet_pocket_guide_en.pdf

Full Video Courses

You prefer Full Videos courses? Find my course Master Patent Search on Udemy or on my Course Platform.

If you want to learn how to do a Patent search and also get to know my some more things about Patents you can find my bundle Course on Udemy or on the Course Platform.


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